White dude goes into the hood

  1. So true homey so true always say that there is nothing difference between black and white they’re both the same is basically both the same rice just different colors we deserve to be in this life

  2. everyones saying "these are some real people". real people are all over the gutter, they just get a bad rep due to gang violence being promoted through media outlets like news channels. notice how nothing positive from the hood ever gets publicized, yet the media act like 1st response to a shooting? fat slobs sit in front of televisions stuffing their faces while their tiny minds absorb all the bullshit being threw at them through a screen and they take it as the holy grail. they then go on to tell their young that this kind of person is bad to be around, or that kind of person will make you fail in life, and the mythical racist stereotypical bullshit just goes from generation to generation, creating one racist f**k nut after another like its a cultural tradition to show your kids that people who don't have the same skin tone as you are against you. literally, i'm ashamed to be human at this point in life.

  3. dude in the car makes it sound like maximum sentences aint enough of a penalty for confused white kids but if its confused black kids then we should understand. Yea its media and representativescausing confusion and stirring up hate and then people learning the wrong things and looking at the situation with too much pride in their skin color and then thinking they are protecting their 'race' either way. Yea its sad cuz its too bad these kids were lured into these beliefs and reacted thinking they are heros to their ancestors before they realized how foolish they were by causing so much trauma over color. That is one of the few things people cant choose on this earth, at least until now when black republicans can be white supremacists and now it might be cool to be transracial even though it wasn't cool just the other day, just because the trend setting left says so

  4. When black men and white men stop…and talk like real men…this…is what you get. We can ALL get along. Color doesn't have to mean anything when you stop the bullshit and talk like adults. A black man can save a white mans life and vise versa. Consider that for a moment.

  5. "There's no difference. Period. Y'all still people" gives me chills. It's true; we're all anatomically modern humans and we have so much more in common than we are different

  6. Real talk! I do agree that teenagers make horrible choices at times, at least i did! Thank God Im not the same person that I was as a teenager now that Im in my 40's lol.
    What pisses me off is white men have a documented history of brutality against black men and women, most often being unprovoked. When the reverse happens white people are outraged and shocked. It shouldn't happen either way and to anyone. The 4 teenagers could have JUST AS EASILY BEEN WHITE. Its shocking to me based on my personal experience as a white woman, that the teenagers weren't white. Truth.


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