'Tales of the Hood' offers unique perspective of Chicago's 77 neighborhoods

The ‘Tales of the Hood’ tour lead by Ja’Mal Green offers a unique perspective into the history of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods.

  1. As usual, Ja'Mal Green is making money off of the hood's pain. To take this tour, it costs anywhere from 45 – 65 bucks per ticket for adults. He even charges 25 bucks for kids. He's not doing this to "educate people" about Chicago. He's doing this to make money. Don't fall for it, people. There's plenty of free ways to learn about the city of Chicago's history. Start with Google.

  2. Chicago was completely destroyed and we rebuilt back bigger and better. Added more land, built downtown more east, Michigan Ave used to be Lake Shore Drive, raised the city multiple times because Chicago was a swamp that easily flooded, the original street height is Lower Wacker Drive. We reversed the flow of the river, only city in the world to do that. Now if we could only get our b l a q residents to respect life and live peacefully. Our city's segregation keeps the peaceful areas peaceful for the most part from the bad people


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