Robin Hood Gardens | Historic England

We made this film in 2009 when we were English Heritage. The certificate of immunity from listing has been renewed and as no new information has come to …

  1. Historic England and English Heritage — THANK YOU! You both have such good reputations and that comes from making good decisions like getting rid of this bad eye sore. At the end of the day, it's not fit for purpose and not workable. It is bland and adds to anti social behaviour and signifies deprivation….real people have to live in those. Good riddance it's gone and please continue your great work in protecting real historical gems. 👍

  2. Baffling effort to justify an obvious decision. Out of touch architects build a hell block and expected people to live there. This should be razed to the ground as a statement of humanity.

  3. The balconies (aka fire escapes) on the private greens-facing sides of the buildings were uselessly NARROW … not even a tiny bistro table or simple chaise lounge could be placed out there. Duh Smithsons should've been vetoed by the Council on that feature.

  4. I assume the developers realised that were not able to convert it into "hipster lofts" like it happened in Park Hill, where all the tenants were moved out with very little chance of ever getting back. Everything which is potentially is not profitable, but still valuable will not be simply listed. Alisson and Peter Smithsons simply deserve to be listed as they attempted to provide decent quality of living for the poor.


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