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Robin Hood – Robin vs. Little John: Robin (Taron Egerton) faces off against Little John (Jamie Foxx). BUY THE MOVIE: …

  1. No one seems to get it. People in America especially and other places in the world are soo blind it's nuts. In order to understand what's going on here you have to truly understand History. But First you would have to read the bible, believe it or not the bible is 100% real true HISTORY. Once you read the whole entire Bible from Genesis all the way to Revelations word to word line to line page to page book to book without skipping anything then you'll see the lies that were told in the earth because the bible uncovers all of that.

    Now, as for this movie, you didn't know that the ancient Arabians, Afghanistanians, persians, iraqians (basically all of ancient middle east and Asia was all black people until Europeans invaded them and conquered them and mixed with their women and had mixed babies, same goes for the native Americans, mexicans etc. This is all documented in history especially in the scriptures.

    Now. As for the movie itself you'd have to know what took place around 1000AD around the crusade war. You understand that this you can understand this movie and…. Why there is Jihad. A part of the jihad's movement was to expel any foreign religion's who came to try and rule the middle east. Which is why you have Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, and other proxies. They are here to kick America, Brittain and all other foreign nations out so that they can rule themselves and keep their resources from being stolen by these nations and profiting From it like how America in late 2019 stole Syria's oil and is continuing to steal it til this very day.

    But! As you can see the crusades war is still going on til this very day. But under the desguise of Terrorism so that AMERICA and other European countries can try and justify a reason to go into these countries and control them.

    Study History and the scriptures and you'll know what's going on today in the present.

  2. Doesn't Trebuchets usually fire before the soldiers go to the battle area? Like soften up their defenses so that the soldiers could just charge straight at it? I've never seen Trebuchets covering the retreat of crusaders.

  3. The English are really outgunned here. Their long bows are very hard to manuever in those tight, confined spaces. The Moors' bows are faster, more powerful, higher velocity, more compact, lighter.

  4. List of things wrong
    -The armor designs used by the English back then is full plates or mails. There are no pieced up steel armor vests until ww1.
    -robin hood takes place in 1194. Gunpowder is brought into the rest of the world in the late 13th century. So that signal arrow didn't exist.
    -Warfare back then is people standing in lines and shooting/charging at each other. So there wouldn't be "urban combat" like this scene.
    -The "commander" has a trench knife like dagger on the vest. Daggers back then resemble short swords and are fairly long compared to modern combat daggers.
    -Jamie Foxx's character uses a karambit. Which is only used in south east Asia, mainly the majapahit empire (now Indonesia and Malaysia)
    -Where are the knights ? Knights play a key role in crusades.
    -Everyone keeps drawing their bows like guns. Drawing a bow especially an English longbow for more than seconds will severely exhaust the muscles.
    -Why are they wearing turbans ? They should be wearing armor and helmets.

  5. For all the people saying it’s not realistic well none if it’s realistic he’s a guy with a bow and arrow who took down a whole kingdom or whatever u call it and he never misses and shot and besides it’s not based on a true story so they can exaggerate

  6. Honestly I know I'm on the unpopular opinion but I loved this movie though it's the classic Robin hood movie I kinda see it like a hunger games style in the sense of clothing and a alternative version of the modern world and in this case alternative version of a mediaeval world.

  7. So funny. Hollywood makes Tob8nhood and goes full pc. There were zero blackman in Sherwood forest back then. You yanks are so screwed all you can do is get it wrong every time. I'm fed up with your rewriting of history. Screw Hollywood


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