Methi Pak Recipe in English | Step-By-Step Methi Pak Recipe | Cooking with My Mum | Adadiya & Methi

This recipe is compliments of my mum, who had to coach me all through this video! Methi Pak is a superfood bar, made with Fenugreek Seeds (Methi) and a …

  1. Hi Vas ! I have been off from YouTube for sometime as got too addicted… but I am so glad to see all your recipes! OMG , I have always wanted to make methi pak! I will try and make it for a Diwali with vegan ghee though . I can’t wait to make it , but on a smaller scale. You are so blessed to have your mum show you how to make this difficult pak . Your mum is so lovely and you definitely get your looks and cooking inspiration from her ! God bless her. Keep up with the delicious recipes .
    Hugs to Lando ..

  2. I loved to see this methi pak video and can't wait to make it! I love methi( now someone will think" how can u 'love' methi!!!)in any form! As soon as I saw methi pak, I fell in love with color of the methi pieces! Absolutely perfect! Mum is so sweet passing on her expertise to our generation

  3. Omg! I’m all emotional watching this video.❣️☺️ The methi paak is certainly looking delicious but i must say your mum is soooo sweet and cute😘 god bless her with long and healthy life now and always. This recipe is long and hard work, I don’t think I’ll be making it this year but it’s definitely a traditional recipe to follow not only for me but for the future generations too.Thank you masi for sharing your knowledge!🙏😊


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