[HD] 140612 Youku All Star – Nichkhun's Talk Show (in English)

Credit 优酷全明星 Original link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzI1NDUzOTY0.html Nichkhun talked about his back injury, pre-debut days, Hot Blood Show, …

  1. That funny moment when you’re watching him act in a CDrama TRYING to speak English with great difficulty, the only character who can’t speak English, but you know he probably speaks the best English out of everybody there☺️ So much charisma! Especially in Shall We Fall in Love 🥰

  2. Shall we fall in love with beautiful nichkhun of 2pm, beautiful fai ( who's also a member of miss A with beautiful jia, may, Suzy Korean and Chinese as well and very talented as well) is another good Asia show
    讓我們一起戀❤️愛吧!是nichkhun(2pm)和菲菲小姐(都不錯的女人和男人)和不錯的上司和不錯的工作伙伴們的不錯的戲jia孟加小姐,may,和Suzy, 也是相當不錯的女友和不錯的歌手演員和非常有才華謝謝請多多支持

  3. Pretty much a fan of the entire Korean pop music American line he's from Los Angeles California. Local top 40 radio 102.7 KIIS-FM leans to rivals YG entertainment Blackpink Bigbang & Big hit entertainment BTS.


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