HC Red Riding Hood Movie🎥 ❤️Henry Cavill

Red Riding Hood Movie 2006.

  1. Oh my gosh thank you for posting this. I loved this movie so much I swear I watched it like 36 times lol. Just rewatched it again and so many memories came back. This made me really happy 🙂

  2. Me and my little sister used to pick up this movie from blockbuster and watch it BACK TO BACK and dance around my grandmas house to the songs lol. This was probably 13 or so years ago and this movie always stuck with me LOL

  3. does anyone have the soundtrack of the dvd menu (in which you selected subtitles and stuff)? i can’t recall what it sounded like but i know i HAVE to hear it again because it’s from such a far away memory, like 10 years ago or smth

  4. I can’t believe I thought they were actually outside in an actual forest lol
    This movie is still really good.
    I got it from block buster and my mom made a few extra payments for me to be able to keep the dvd.


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