GREAT NEWS Official Trailer (HD) NBC Original Comedy Series GREAT NEWS Official Trailer (HD) NBC Original Comedy Series Getting along with some colleagues can be rough, but working with your …

  1. woke trash. sensitivity episode was horrible message trying to seem smart and u can tell the creator lady believes in gender pay gap. funny how the most likable characters are the mom and the male news anchor, u know the more conservative old-school characters. except when they tried to prove that apparently all people are snowflakes thats why his roasting example dint work…apparently and we should all embrace sensitivity. this is why stand up comedy and even roasting comedy is under fire. again the mom and the male news anchor where the only comedy in this show. other than that its gross modern politics again and main character is unlikable and rest of shows other characters and writing, is not funny. im glad ppl think its underrated, because it does deserve to be left in the dirt. better than adverts made it look? more like appropriate. thats why the comments section is filled with ppl talking about how it should need more attention or its unfaraly judged etc. its crap and most ppl with taste know it and thats why its in the shadows. boohooo lol

  2. Andrea Martin is one of the most underrated Actresses ever, she has comedy gold in her veins!! She is great in this show and we recently got hooked binge watching it.

  3. The mom and Tina Fey made this, the rest were very weak… Loved Tina portraying a CEO, that was the best part and hilariously more close to the truth than me too. As she was so good at her job she got promoted, when all Diane st Tropez wanted was a golden handshake.


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