[ENG Subs] Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 – WEEK 4

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  1. Another great week. Again, thanks to the subtitler(s) and localizer(s) for all your hard work!

    Absolutely thrilled to see Umehara Gold pick up a sweep and catch up to the top of the pack (and thanks to the rest for at least partially splitting the points). Nauman is doing incredible, I LOVE watching his Sakura play. That Kolin mirror was damn thrilling as well, edge of your seat stuff. And of course enjoy seeing Daigo pull off a victory with Kage, but can't wait for his Guile to be unleashed in the second-half.

    Wish Storm Kubo got to play more, he was pretty great, but I can't lie, he's fantastic in the interviews as well. Fujimura is getting back to himself, I see. I still dearly miss his Ibuki, but that was more of the Akuma I expect from him; uneven, but pulling off some impressive, tricky stuff. And certainly didn't expect Haitani to pull out Laura (didn't know he switched from Akuma), so that was quite something to see as well.

    One big highlight of the last matchups was definitely seeing Sagat make an appearance though, and looking spectacular at that! Honestly hoping Gachikun gets the ban more often, as I honestly don't enjoy seeing Rashid that much, and would relish more Sagat. Plus anything to get Kichipamu a chance to break out Zangief.

  2. 1:53:58 – Here they say Pugera picked Poison before Fuudo meaning his skill with Poison is pretty much garanteed.
    This have been a surprise to me, and winning vs Sako is no small feat. But holly shft! How can Fuudo having done so bad when he just had to extend his final combos as he DO COULD have done??? Nemo hasn't win the match, Fuudo have lost it.
    1:54:30 – Pugera (Poison vs Sako (Seth)
    2:11:52 – Fuudo (Posion) vs Nemo (Urien)

  3. Daigo stopped subbing Seth like in the first two episodes, the pick really wasn't working out for him compared to Kage.
    His Guile will be freed in the second half though, looking forward to finally seeing it in action in SFL.


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