Dave Chappelle Protestor Called Out For Racist Tweets – CH News

https://www.comedyhype.com/ – As Chappelle Week continues on CH, we take a look at the recent Netflix walkout and it’s lead protestor. According to reports …

  1. Hahahahhahahaha…oh the irony keeps writing themselves. Remember the blk Teen vogue editor that wanted to cancel Charlse Barkley for sexism? Well she ended up getting fired after her anti-Asian tweets emerged in the process

  2. Yup give these T’s a taste of their own medicine. What they are doing is promoting hate for them. I had no problem with the alphabet community but this is getting out of hand. What happen to the Asians after corona should happen to them so they appreciate life and all that it offers and they stop punching up and down on people and stop being so god dam soft


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