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  1. Has this mask been tested by NIOSH for effectiveness? I do not trust a smell test. I can get a painters mask and it would pass this test but i would die wearing it in a real fire. The only legit test is getting this evaluated by NIOSH along with a report on how many PPMs of CO,HF,Acrolyn,HCL,etc.. before it breaks through the mask filtration.

    Anyhow I personally own a Honeywell EBA-10 which is an escape SCBA and provides its own breathing air. And it is NIOSH certified for IDLH oxygen deficient atmospheres.

  2. This news reporter states: "…if you own this 35 dollar mask…", but I see people on the internet that link to this video (presumably for the legitimacy that an independent news broadcast offers) charging +$100 for the same product…..FAIL. 

  3. World Wide 6 million people will be seriously injured in fires this year, and over 500,000 will die. Approximately 80% of those deaths will be caused by inhalation of toxic smoke and fumes,
    not by burns. It is smoke, not flame or heat, that kills the vast majority of fire victims.
    Our ASE30 ( 30 MINUTES ) / ASE60 ( 60 MINUTES ) units are NIOSH / CDC 42 CFR 84 N100 compliant.


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