ABC7 Special: Monster Jam – Under the Hood

Travel with us for unprecedented access to the behind the scenes operation of Monster Jam.

  1. your forgetting one monster truck ?????? when your talking about Grave Digger and being the most Famous monster truck in the world ? and that is King of the Monster Trucks BIGFOOT the one that started it all….

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  3. great episode and i like how they said "biggest name in monster jam" not monster trucks when talking about grave digger. as bigfoot will always and forever be the first and biggest monster truck name ever, just didnt wanna sell away his name and brand to join feld. thats why i prefer jamborees over monster jam nowadays. all trucks made by one place, so its not even racing anymore its just hey let this teammate win, unless he breaks.

  4. At 20:42 showing the "avenger" truck, I was at that show.
    It was held in Minneapolis Minnesota at the metrodome on December 7th 2013. It was the last show ever for monster trucks to be in that building before it was to be torn down for the Minnesota Vikings new stadium known as US Bank Stadium. So many memories


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