🔵 Two Kinds of Judgements (English subs) | Talk show with Bro.Vincent Selvakumaar

Two Kinds of Judgement (English subs) | Talk show with Bro.Vincent Selvakumaar Secrets About Heaven revealed like never before … Watch, Share and be …

  1. Praise God!
    These messages are very useful and .vi ncent brother is amazed. I will definitely pray for is future . May the God bless him more and more. Thank you Jesus. Love you God .

  2. God's word says that many will be killed for the word of God, those who refuse to take the mark of the beast and many so called Christian's WIIL take the mark and there will be great tribulation such as the world as not seen, when God made his own son to sacrifice his life for us should we also not lay down our life for God, Jesus said those who save their life will lose it and those who lose their life for my sake Wii have eternal life, so the church of God will be here on this Earth during the tribulation, only after the tribulation will the church have the rapture, so we must remember to be ready to lay down our life for the Lord if the need arises.


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